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We are a young and dynamic company, founded in January 2019, with extensive experience in various areas of activity and international projects. We work responsibly daily to provide the best services and solutions to our customers with a focus on operational excellence and delivery of results.


Ensure the satisfaction of our customers with levels of high performance and commitment, taking on challenging projects with full responsibility, determination, commitment and transparency, respecting the environment, safety standards and hygiene at work. We want to continue to grow, and to grow those who trust us.


• Customer focus
• Commitment
• Ambition
• Responsibility
• Transparency
• Quality
• Ethics
• Sustainability

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Rua Dr. Sousa Gomes Nº 12 R/C DRT
4925-046 Viana do Castelo
Benelux, France & Germany:
5 Rue Heienhaff
1736 Senningerberg

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Mon - Fri | 09:00 - 18:00


Telephone: +351 258 076 992
(chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
+351 935103665
(chamada para a rede móvel nacional)

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